Kopykake K-1000 Projector

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“Hand made” cake decorating is now easier than ever with the Kopykake projector. You simply place the desired picture into the projector box then adjust the magnification (size of picture) to suit the particular cake. The Kopykake Projector projects the design directly onto any cake using high grade optics and a powerful light source. By adjusting the lens it can enlarge the image up to 400% or reduce the size by 70%. Simply trace the projected image on the cake using edible food pens, paint brush, icing, chocolate, or piping jelly. For even greater detail in shadings and backgrounds, use one of our Airbrush Systems. You can use your own design or logo. Kopykake no longer make Design Card sets. The designs are now supplied on a CD for you to print your own design cards as required. This model projector is not ex stock and must be ordered in.

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