Countrywide Cake Decorations


System Requirements

Edible Images can be produced from any regular home PC or laptop. The most important thing is to purchase the CORRECT MODEL PRINTER. Our Kolor Kartridges only suit certain models.

Free software “Desktop Decorator” is available to download at   Just follow the instructions including the registration details. This program is very easy to understand and use. There are special Desktop Decorator codes on each pack of Kopykake Frosting Sheets which “unlocks” the printing function of Desktop Decorator. This software has limited templates.

NOTE that Desktop Decorator is not compatible with, and WILL NOT function on TOUCH SCREEN computers.

We also sell PHOTO EXPRESS software which has more photo shop features including templates for ALL Frosting Sheets sizes. (There is no Mac version of Photo Express.) Photo Express operates under all Windows and works with Touch Screen computers. It is sold as a CD ROM. It is not available as a download.

If you have your own photo software (eg Adobe) and are familiar with scanning and printing images you may simply choose to continue with this. The choice is yours.

Click on the next drop down tab to see the current list of printers that are supported.