Countrywide Cake Decorations




Kopykake is respected as an industry leader for innovative cake decorating products. Their ground breaking computerized cake decorating system brings everyone the ability to create stunning picture cakes by putting any image, including regular photos, onto a cake easily and economically. Their opaque drawing projectors, air compressors, airbrushes, food colors, decorating bags, turntables and accessories are also found in bakeries and supermarkets all over the world.


Decopac is a USA supplier of high-quality cake decorations to retail bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries, bakery distributors, cake and candy shops, and ice cream shops.

Although their web site offers direct accounts they will not open accounts and supply outside the USA. Do not confuse this page with opening an account within our Countrywide Cake Decorations web site.

There is a link to Decopac’s web site below. We encourage you to view their product range and record the STOCK CODES of goods you are interested in. You can do this through their Search function but it is probably easier to go to the RESOURCE CENTER tab and then click on PRINTED BROCHURES to access a full range of catalogues on line.

Other than Decosets we offer very few Decopac lines via our on line shop. You must place an order for us to ship in. Unfortunately Decopac use solely numeric stock codes so we cannot search for products by name. You must supply the Decopac stock codes when ordering. We can supply a Decopac Price List on request, by return email.

Finally we cannot supply any Licensed Goods as Decopac’s licenses do not extend outside the USA and thus they cannot export any licensed items. (This covers things like Batman, Sesame St, Disney characters, etc)

To order Decopac goods that are not shown within our on line store simply send us a longhand email listing your requirements including the STOCK CODE.


For over 30 years Bakers’ Preferred® has been helping manufacturers of baked goods succeed and keep costs down.

Bakers’ Preferred® color solutions are formulated for a variety of applications:

  • Buttercream + PHO free
  • Whip + PHO free
  • Royal
  • Fondant
  • Glazes
  • Decorating Gels
  • Piping Gels
  • Frozen Cakes
  • Pre-made Cakes
  • Cake mixes

With over 25 base colours to choose from, Bakers’ Preferred® Airbrush, Squeeze Gel and Pastes offer a wide variety of colour to help create beautiful and stunning decorations. Bakers’ Preferred® our colours are the preferred choice for bakeries of all sizes and formats. Bakers’ Preferred® colours are designed to resist fading and give beautiful, long lasting colour for unlimited decorating possibilities.