Karousel – Cake Decorating Turntable OR Rotating Cake Display

Price:$270.00 excl GST

Karousel changes direction at the flick of a switch. Ball bearings allow free turning in either direction, even with the power off. This electronic variable speed turntable cuts down on decorating time by 1/3. You set the speed and direction, leaving both hands free to create perfect borders and trim. Vary the speed from 0 to 10 RPM. (A click of the switch changes direction for either Right or Left handed decorators.) In addition to using this beautiful white turntable for decorating, hundreds of bakers and cake decorators are renting this to customers to give an exciting new look to their wedding cakes. Imagine, a revolving cake at a wedding, showing all sides of the cake instead of one. It catches the attention of all the guests, as well as the bride and groom. A new alternative to the fountain cake. Sturdy construction allows cakes up to 100 lbs. or 50 kgs., to be decorated or displayed. Use the KAROUSEL to display special cakes and products in your shop.

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