About Us

We have been in business since 1988 and previously operated as Bakery Crafts (Australia). We changed our name in 2007 after ceasing to be a bakery/food ingredients supplier and concentrating solely on cake decorating supplies.

We do NOT have a showroom and rely on trade catalogues and supplier web sites for viewing product ranges.

Kopykake products are normally available ex stock Melbourne. All electrical goods are 240v and have Australian plugs. They are easily posted across Australia or elsewhere.

The Decopac range extends to nearly 3000 products. We stock a large range of Decosets (pre packaged cake decoration kits) and keep most food colours ex stock, however it is not possible to hold the full range of decorations. We ship other lines in on a regular basis as per customer’s orders. We have no minimum order but as we only supply wholesale we will not split packs. Note that we cannot supply any of their Licensed lines (Batman, Sesame St, Bratz, etc). Decopac’s licenses do not allow them to sell these products outside the USA.

Our Decopac price list is available per email by request.