karousel turntable
$270.00 excl GST

Karousel changes direction at the flick of a switch. Ball bearings allow free...

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$32.00 excl GST

2 1/2″ x 500ft continuous roll of plastic wrap. A stiff plastic acetate...

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$330.00 excl GST

Sometimes referred to as a junior version of the Kopykake K1000, this great value...

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$630.00 excl GST

“Hand made” cake decorating is now easier than ever with the Kopykake...

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kroma kolors.php
$60.00 excl GST

KROMA KOLORS have the impact and intensity needed for virtually all cake decorating...

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$6.00 excl GST

Kroma Airbrush Kolors are packed in 9oz (266ml) bottles.

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Lge palm tree
$17.78 excl GST

Plastic palm trees 8cm long

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Little Pirates
$53.33 excl GST

Little Pirate Decosets, 6 sets per box. Decosets have all decoration components...

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$36.11 excl GST

Macho Man Cake kit 6 sets per box. Cake kits have all decoration components packed...

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$23.42 excl GST

4″ long. There is a range of assorted colours in each pack – red on...

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military tank
$55.56 excl GST

Military Robot Tank Decosets, 6 sets per box. The tank transforms into a robot....

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$24.00 excl GST

Dolly Varden style doll picks but small size. Half brunette and half blonde per...

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